2021 Specialist Council Preservice Carousel has ended
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On the day of the event, Zoom links will be available for all sessions.  You must be in attendance at the red sessions to be eligible for the plethora of prize draws.
avatar for Bailey Almberg

Bailey Almberg

English Language Arts Council
Beginning Teacher Liaison
avatar for Chris Gonsalvez

Chris Gonsalvez

The Alberta Teachers Association
Executive Staff Officer, Professional Development
avatar for Kelsey Graham

Kelsey Graham

English Language Arts Council

Alexandra Gravel

Conseil français
Rédactrice du périodique
avatar for Jodi Harding-Kuriger

Jodi Harding-Kuriger

Health and Physical Education Council
avatar for Stasi Itterman

Stasi Itterman

English Language Learners
ELL Consultant

Tim Kilburn

Career and Technology Education Council
avatar for Tim Kilburn

Tim Kilburn

Career and Technology Education Council (CTEC)
avatar for Leticia Nadler

Leticia Nadler

Conseil français
Vice présidente
avatar for Heather Rootsaert

Heather Rootsaert

Health and Physical Education Council
avatar for Court Rustemeyer

Court Rustemeyer

Calgary Board of Education
President - Global, Environmental & Outdoor Education Council

Lisa Smith

English as a Second Language Council
Conference Director
avatar for Anita Sterne

Anita Sterne

Early Childhood Education Council
avatar for Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams

Social Studies Council President
Social/Flipped Classrooms